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Real Time designs and delivers training and consultancy projects across the globe 


Work With Us

Work With Us is a 20min film produced in collaboration

with communities around the world as part of the Participate initiative. The film, recorded over 9 months in 7 countries, provides an opportunity for some of the most marginalised people to communicate directly to decision-makers.

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Knowledge from the Margins

Building communication between marginalised people worldwide and global and national policy makers.

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Working Together for Change

As part of the Participate project Real Time worked with young people from the SEED Institute and Spatial Collective using Participatory Video to explore local issues and communicate effectively with decision-makers.

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Participatory Video training in Kyrgyzstan

Real Time was the lead Participatory Video trainer for Cameras in Hand, a country wide youth video production initiative funded by the United Nations Peace Building

Fund in Kyrgyzstan.

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The Participate Initiative provides high quality evidence

on the reality of poverty at ground level, bringing the perspectives of the poorest into the current debate.

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Palestine - Forgotten and Ignored

Real Time collaborated with MEND (Middle Eastern Non-violence and Democracy) on a Participatory Video 

assignment as part of the Participate project.

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Ambedkar Colony

Real Time worked with a number of groups in Chennai. 

These included people living on the streets, in slums and

in relocation settlements.The stories from the people who built the city reflect some of the negative consequences

of economic development.

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