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Client: Pilgrim Hearts/Yeldall Manor

Real Time used its participatory video experience to engage with a group of people recovering from various addictions to assist their path to recovery.
Pilgrim Hearts specialise in working with the most at risk groups using arts to develop solutions. With a grant from the European Social Fund, 12 residents from Yeldall Manor worked together over 6 weeks. The outcome was a series of short films telling the story of different drug addicts and their road to recovery.


Before the project started participants were asked what they hoped to achieve by being involved in the making of the film, their answers included:

  • They wanted to raise the profile of the effects of addiction, so that it would educate people and prevent them taking the same path.

  • They also wanted to stress the importance of rehabilitation for those who needed help.

  • Some of them were primarily interested in the process of making a film.

  • They were all keen to improve their communication skills and gain confidence.

The project often challenged the participants and included filming on location in prison cells and interviewing the families of people who have died from overdoses. They also presented their own personal stories.

The project created some heartfelt stories but also brought the participants together as a team and provided them with new skills, confidence and motivation.

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