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Client: Wokingham Baptist church youth group

Young people lead the fight against knife crime

Un(h)armed was a peer-led education and training project aimed at reducing the potential for knife crime involving young people and the fear this generates.

Following a death in Wokingham a group of local young people who knew the victim and were therefore directly affected by knife crime wanted to stop other young people going through the same experience.
The young people were involved in this project from the very start. They saw education as key in combating a developing knife culture where carrying a weapon is seen as acceptable. 

They fundraised for the project and undertook extensive research. They interviewed young people on their attitudes, experts in the field of youth crime, representatives from Crimestoppers and the local authority. They then devised, recorded and edited several short films illustrating different aspects of the problem.
Real Time was brought in at the start of the project to advise the young people, support them in producing budgets and accessing funding. Real Time then trained and supported the young people in recording, editing and distributing the film. Young people from the group have continued to be involved with Real Time undertaking work placements.

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