Silo Cinema 

Real Time have designed ‘Silo Cinema’ in response to the Coronavirus crisis, encouraging individuals to continue to generate creative films and videos whilst in isolation at home. ⁣⁣


This content can be animations, documentaries, video diaries, any short film (under 3 mins). These films can also be of any genre, art house, horror, science fiction, whatever takes your fancy.⁣⁣


In order to share your fantastic work, Real Time will be hosting an online film night, via YouTube, on Friday 20th November. If you would like to have your short film shown, please send your entry to, by friday 13th November.⁣⁣


We look forward to watching your films, and we hope you are staying safe during this uncertain time. ⁣

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Instagram: realtimevideo

YouTube: realtimevideo100


Real Time is one of the most established and

successful participatory media organisations in the UK, with an international reputation for participatory video (PV) and digital media. 

Real Time offers training, projects, research, consultancy and advocacy particularly targeting hard-to-reach groups and marginalised communities building social cohesion, developing networks and opening channels of communication to enable positive change.

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