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Real Time have designed ‘Silo Cinema’ in response to the Coronavirus crisis, encouraging individuals to continue to generate creative films and videos whilst in isolation at home. ⁣⁣


This content can be animations, documentaries, video diaries, any short film (under 3 mins). These films can also be of any genre, art house, horror, science fiction, whatever takes your fancy.⁣⁣


The first Silo Cinema of 2021 will be held on January 29th. If you'd like to have your short film shown, please send your entry to by the 15th January, 2021.⁣⁣


We look forward to watching your films, and we hope you are staying safe during this uncertain time.

Facebook: Real Time⁣

Instagram: realtimevideo

YouTube: realtimevideo100

           Silo Cinema, young people’s work experience project

Lockdown has caused considerable disruption to young peoples education. One thing that has been really hard hit is the chance for them to get work experience. With many firms furloughing staff and an increase in redundancies, many firms can’t offer this vital opportunity.

Real Time has partnered with Activate to launch an online work experience project for local creative students this winter.  

Offering online remote work experience to over 50 creative media students from Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham College, Real Time Video are inviting students to create short films for Silo Cinema.​

As creative industries often have predominantly freelance-based workforces, when seeking work after their studies, students will be expected to demonstrate experience of delivering creative materials within a real-world situation. Through delivering film-making workshops, Real Time aim to offer creative work to equip young people with the skills and knowledge for future employment.

Real Time’s Future Creatives Project uncovered that young adults who experience a greater volume of school-mediated employer engagement feel better prepared for the adult working world, national research indicating that young people who undertake at least four work experience placements are 84% more likely to be in work.

“I think now more than ever is a vitally important time to offer as much support as possible”, Clive Robertson (Real Time’s Creative Director) stressed, with the recent COVID-19 adversities sparking unemployment and uncertainty being the key motivator for delivering this project. 

 “I hope this project will leave a lasting impression on these students and encourage other employers to adopt similar work experience opportunities”.

“This opportunity for young people within Reading is like gold dust, as I know how competitive it can be to be offered work experience, even in pre-Covid times”, Alex Winfield shared, Real Time’s Communications Coordinator and recent University of Reading graduate. 

Although Real Time acknowledge that this work experience may differ from typical placements, Clive emphasised, “We want this experience to be as realistic as possible for all the students, with the ultimate goal being for them to apply what they have learnt within future job applications, whether that be in the creative industries or other sectors.”

Clive adds, “We are eagerly looking forward to seeing their finished films and sharing them with a wider audience.”

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