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Real Time understands that research is an evolving field of work and is committed to

furthering good practice and inclusive working


Ageing Well

The Ageing Well project seeks to address older people's access to and engagement with arts and culture, in particular looking at the barriers and challenges to wider participation.

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Visual Methods training

Real Time has been working with partners from Spain, Poland and Italy on a European funded Erasmus project to develop new ways of using visual methods to engage with migrants and asylum seekers.

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Future Creatives

The Future Creatives project used a participatory action research methodology to consult young people on the type of work experience they need and their expectations of what working in the creative industries might hold for them. 

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All humans under one sky

Real Time worked in Lebanon on a project using

Participatory Video with Syrian refugees and Lebanese living together in Beirut as part of a research project with the University of Sussex.

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Cross curricular creativity

Real Time used video and digital technology with students to explore mathematical concepts and the impact they have on the real world. Video's instant replay and ability to provide a questioning viewpoint means it is well suited to research

and analysis.

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