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Celebrating 40 years of participatory video at Real Time

Real Time was founded in 1984 by Jackie Shaw and Clive Robertson, since then it has become one of the longest standing and significant participatory media organisations in the UK with an international reputation for participatory media.


Based in Reading it has run hundreds of projects with marginalised groups and thousands of workshops, screenings, training events and offered support to countless organisations and individuals using video as a tool for social action.

July 2024

The Future of Community Video

Clive Robertson will lead a seminar and workshop, looking at how participatory media has developed. What the current trends and themes are in engaging with marginalised groups.

'Used in a participatory way, video can be a powerful tool, which allows people to examine the world around them, gain awareness of their situation and become more actively involved in decisions which affect their lives.'

September 2024

Retro Video

Join us for a lighthearted journey into the history of Participatory Video. Will we be able to get the VHS edit suite working? What does a U-matic tape look like? What was it like to work with cameras powered by car batteries?... and much much more.

Real Time Birthday Party and Screening

Join us for a celebration event to mark Real Time’s coming of middle age. A romp through the Real Time archives, what did Reading look like 40 years ago? and were you involved in one of Real Times projects???

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