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Participatory Video training in Kyrgyzstan

“During the training project the FTI staff gained a clear understanding of how the methodology and techniques might be used in the Kyrgyzstan situation. In particular they saw the need for the widest involvement to make the project succeed and will be working with the schools, teachers and local communities as well as the young people directly involved. It was evident that there was considerable experience within the group and they were really eager to learn new skills and techniques, it was a really positive experience to work with them. They also demonstrated an understanding of how Participatory Video can be used to develop confidence and uncover issues of importance to the young people. The group members will be able to support each other over the coming months in delivering the project and Participatory Video should provide a useful methodology to involve young people in sharing their experiences and engaging with the wider community both locally and nationally.” Clive Robertson - Lead trainer, Real Time

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