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From community film festivals and unusual screenings to developing new ways of participative production, Real Time leads the way in innovative working

Drive-in Bus Cinema

The UK’s first bus 'drive-in' in partnership with Outrider Anthems and Reading Buses.

This short film shows how it was set up.

How to Project Video onto Buildings 

Projections of content made by young people and local artists onto St Lawrence’s Church in Reading. In conjunction with AV Events (Magical Reading 2018).

Kine-Oke Cinema

Back-projection with members of the public acting out popular films at the Purple Turtle Bar. Here is a compilation of members of the public doing their Hollywood screen tests.


Short films screenings

Real Time regularly holds public screening

events where local filmmakers can take part

in showcasing their short films. 


Animation Station

Real Time offered the public a chance to plan and create their own video animations, using a variety of film making techniques in a John Lewis department.

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