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About DigitMID

Digital Media for Intercultural Dialogue (DigitMID)


DigitMID is an Erasmus project that aims to broaden knowledge and methodologies on how Digital Media can can increasingly become a positive tool for young Europeans to develop civic and social skills, and to promote intercultural dialogue. 

Real Time will be creating educational paths aimed at the use of participatory video (PV) and other digital narratives. To encourage youth expression and raise awareness of human rights and promote campaigns, with particular focus on combating racism and xenophobia. 

We will be running workshops with young people to produce various video stories, which will be uploading to the StoryAp website, to contribute to the increased awareness of young people and adults about intercultural dialogue. 


In our first workshop ‘Exploring Reading’s Diverse Roots’, young people will be video interviewing a range of residents from a variety of cultural backgrounds in Reading. This project will aim to increase inter-cultural relationships in Reading and subsequently celebrate our multicultural town.


The project is based on the exchange and cooperation between organisations from different European countries. 

You can check out the Digital Stories that Real Time has contributed to the DigitMID project here. 

Alternatively, you can check out the StoryAp website here, for more information on the project.

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