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Digital Futures  

Supporting Homeless People in the Journey to Employability

Project supported by the SEGRO Thames Valley Community fund via Berkshire Community Foundation 

Real Time believes that individuals who work with and support the homeless and vulnerable on a regular basis are the best advocates in enabling their journey to employment and stability.

The Digital Futures project is offering the following support:


  • Training for staff/volunteers who work with the homeless in use of visual methods and new technology 

  • Workshops to use the methodology with homeless people

  • An online tool kit and resources to support future engagement and training


The aim of the training is to offer volunteers and staff who work with vulnerable adults, new ways to engage and support them in developing their skills and help them on pathways to employment.

The training will showcase a range of tools from storytelling exercises to engaging people’s creativity through using smart phones, tablets and video to increase confidence and transferable skills by:


  • Looking at ways to efficiently engage with homeless people to improve communication and engagement

  • Looking at how to use ICT and technology such as smartphones to assist in developing employability skills


In todays complex digital environment where homeless people are often marginalized, Digital Futures aim to provide a framework in helping homeless people define the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for seeking work. 


Visual methods handout

The 5 Points

The Story Paradigm

Using video as a rehearsal tool for employment interviews

Using video to increase employability skills

Digital Futures Flyer

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