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StoryAp is an online platform where young people can share their stories of social action including those in response to the current crisis

Silo Cinema, Real Time’s online cinema platform is seeking to promote home film making and share short film made under lock-down


Action Media is providing short video, design and storytelling challenges as part of Real Time/Starting Points young person's media production project

Digital Futures: Unique employability resource designed by Real Time utilising storytelling techniques to improve your online profile and interview answers

There will also be regular online workshops

and support for people wanting to develop their skills

Creating transformative experimental projects

Working directly with hard to reach groups

Trainers, consultants and educators with over 35 years experience

Furthering the understanding and use of visual methods: Participatory Video and Digital Storytelling


Real Time is one of the most established and

successful participatory media organisations in the UK, with an international reputation for participatory video (PV) and digital media. 

Real Time offers training, projects, research, consultancy and advocacy particularly targeting hard-to-reach groups and marginalised communities building social cohesion, developing networks and opening channels of communication to enable positive change.

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