Visual methods training

The future of communications is digital and visual. Video provides the best way for people to emotionally engage with your story.

Video, storyboarding, digital storytelling, webcasting

We have a range of learning solutions to enhance teamwork, build better relationships and improve communication. From one-off workshops to integrated training and production projects Real Time can provide high quality professional training to meet your needs.

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Real Time’s training is:

Our training is hands-on using the equipment from the outset. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and the sessions are planned to be enjoyable and engaging, building confidence and self-reliance.


People’s abilities and potential are developed through exercises using digital media techniques to record each other and to tell their own stories. With instant feedback participants are able to watch themselves and the films they are making, leading to critical engagement in the process.


Throughout the process participants develop technical abilities and a wide range of communication, organisational and social skills.


You decide where, when and for how long the training should take place. We’ll design the training to meet your organisations needs.


Real Time’s approach uses digital technology to actively engage with participants in developing new approaches in the workplace.


With clearly agreed aims at the outset, we’ll ensure measurable outcomes and products.

Examples of training sessions

Driving change using collaborative visual methods

Getting people to embrace change is difficult, this workshop explores how new techniques using video and information technology can help at a ground level. Based on Real Time 30 years experience and research the training presents innovative and workable solutions to discussing, clarifying and implementing change.


Looking at how stories are constructed provides an excellent way to investigate and reinvigorate culture and change behaviours.
This half-day training provides the skills and understanding you need to use storyboards to focus on the key issues and build a convincing case for change.

Half a minute to make a difference

Video is now vital in web communication, but people have short attention spans, how do you get your idea across quickly?
This workshop provides key information on how to communicate using visual methods and make the best use of video on your websites.

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Real Time offers a range of training solutions
  • Workshops and taster sessions
  • Integrated creative media projects
  • Training and accreditation
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Projects for schools including accredited training
  • Participatory video and production-led training projects