Real Time'Real's Time Creative Apps and websites division, located at its Newhaven BranchI, has in-house capability to make and publish apps and websites supporting audiovisual composing activities bottom-up, expanding community engagement. To this end, it manages projects and initiatives supporting community and local business networks and clusters, Unlike conventional management techniques founded on the principles of top-down command and control, successful bottom-up management depends on the ability to construct a facilitating environment while leading from behind through, for example, generating examples of best practice with case studies employing rich audio-visual language: showing as well as telling and providing creative resources for innovation.

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App and website design, development and maintenance

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Real Time Creative offers comprehensive app and website development and maintenance services to individuals, groups and communities, enabling them to communicate and share their motivation, activities, experiences, resources and skills. Click the button below to see some examples.

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Developing CAVE: Creative Audio-Visual Environment

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Synopsis of CAVE

CAVE is a project being developed by Real Time at its Newhaven Branch with suppot from Wondershare, China.
CAVE will increase people’s engagement and participation in the arts through an innovative “bottom-up” creative participation initiative. CAVE will develop audiovisual apps and resources facilitating people's own composing activities (including a series of interactive tutorials for use in conjunction with Wondershare’s Filmora video editing and communication system): providing comprehensive support for audiovisual story-making and sharing.

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CAVE with older people