A selection of Real Time's projects and initiatives

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Work with us
is a 20-minute film produced in collaboration with communities around the world as part of the Participate initiative. The film, recorded over 9 months in 7 countries, provides an opportunity for some of the most marginalised people to communicate directly to decision-makers.
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Chennai India - Ambedkar Colony:
As part of the Participate project Real Time worked with a number of groups in Chennai these included people living on the streets, in slums and in relocation settlements. The stories from the people who built the city reflect some of the negative consequences of economic development.
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Palestine - Forgotten and Ignored:
Real Time collaborated with MEND (Middle Eastern Non-violence and Democracy) on a participatory video project as part of the Participate project. Women from El-Jib (a village in Area C in Palestine) used video to present the everyday aspects of living in a highly controlled area in the shadow of the wall built by Israel.
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Kenya - Working Together for Change:
As part of the Participate project Real Time worked with young people from the SEED Institute and Spatial Collective using participatory video to explore local issues and communicate effectively with decision-makers. Members of the Spatial Collective undertook a research-mapping project and used participatory video to make changes in their community, and to help understand what prevents it.
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Knowledge from the Margins:
Video can be an effective tool in building communication between marginalised people worldwide and global and national policy makers.
Development interventions often do not benefit the most marginalised groups: the poorest people are usually absent in public consultations.
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Cross curricular creativity:
Maths and film don’t seem the most obvious combination, but Real Time has used video and digital technology to develop a creative approach to teaching maths in two schools. At Blessed Hugh Farringdon Catholic School in Reading, Real Time worked with Key Stage 4 students to explore how maths concepts and problems could be represented on film.
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Real Time was approached to use its participatory video experience to engage with a group of people recovering from various addictions to assist their path to recovery. Pilgrim Hearts specialise in working with the most at risk groups using arts to develop solutions.  With a grant from the European Social Fund, 12 residents from Yeldall Manor worked together over 6 weeks.
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Un(h)armed was a peer-led education and training project aimed at reducing the potential for knife crime involving young people and the fear this generates. Following a death in Wokingham, a group of local young people who knew the victim and were therefore directly affected by knife crime wanted to stop other young people going through the same experience.
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The Participate initiative
provided high quality evidence on the reality of poverty at ground level, bringing the perspectives of the poorest into the post-2015 debate. The Participate project is a global initiative to bring together knowledge from participatory research programmes from across the world.
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